Dunwoody Asset Management, LLC is an investment banking and business advisory firm that is located in Atlanta, Georgia.  The firm is focused on serving the capital raising and comprehensive business advisory needs of our clients.  Dunwoody Asset Management, LLC targets micro and small capitalization companies that have valuations ranging from $10 million to $300 million, as well as, select private companies.


The clients of Dunwoody Asset Management, LLC have an essential need for capital in order to meet various corporate objectives that include working capital, expansion, product development, restructuring and acquisitions. The Professionals of Dunwoody Asset Management, LLC have established a broad network of potential funding sources.  These funding sources range from institutional funds to finance companies to traditional banks.  The size of potential investments from our Investment Syndicate range from $250,000 to over $50 million. 


In addition to capital raising needs, our clients are often times in need of business advisory services.  These advisory needs range from capital structure analysis, restructuring, operational analysis to assisting senior management and key employees with benefit and insurance needs.


Dunwoody Asset Management, LLC takes a relationship approach in regard to serving our clients.  The Firm offers to companies of all sizes a level of expertise, professionalism, and skill sets traditionally available only to more seasoned companies. 


The Partners are committed to providing personal attention to each and every client to ensure that their needs are met and the financing experience is efficient and productive.